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PEKATEX® RFP structures forbuildings   Innovative High Tech glass fibres reveal advantageous solutions for many fields of application. In the building industry, material experts among others appreciate, that glass fibres are non-combustible as well as age resistant and while their specific weight is under 30 % that of steel, their tensile strength matches that of steel.

PEKATEX® provides the glass fibres with a structure for building applications: One fibre reinforcing box beam alongside the other, all made of interwoven endless glass fibres sealed into position by UP-resin, forming aunique integral structure – that is PEKATEX®.

PEKATEX® is available from 30 mm to 120 mm thick and accordingly weighs from 1,2 to 2,3 kg per m². In tests simulating building conditions PEKATEX® will withstand weight loads exceeding its own weight 1,000-times over.

In consequence, PEKATEX® as substructure for facades, is certified for applications on buildings up to a height of 100 m, carrying weights eceeding 50 times its own. PEKATEX® represents always an outstanding safety margin.

For building applications, PEKATEX® offers several advantages both technically and physically. The box beams integrate between them longitudinally running stringers, always 64 mm apart, which account for the very high PEKATEX® load-bearing capabilities. For reinforcement, masses such as mastic, pulp, paste, foam or other substances can penetrate through the gridlike meshes to fill the PEKATEX® box beams entirely. Alternatively, leaving the box beams free inside, plaster applied to the PEKATEX® outer surfaces, by clinching into the meshes, will form a solid bondage with PEKATEX®, but PEKATEX® thereby will also strongly reinforce such adjacent plaster coats.

By virtue of its characteristics, therefore, PEKATEX® will reinforce, hold as well as
  firmly interlock together, facade rendering on one side and mortar between the other and the load-bearing wall in an uncoupled way. The facade will retain some freedom of movement, so that it can expand or contract in wind and weather under changing temperature and humidity conditions largely free of restraint. Further for durability and safety, these unique PEKATEX® features will support the stability of the building substance under the strain of vibrations – such as for instance from a hopefully never occurring earthquake.

Factory incorporation of mineral wool as required and of a venting plain into PEKATEX® will allow the necessary measures for the thermal, sound and fire protection. Screening against undesired radiation penetration can also be provided by factory integration of appropriate reflection- or absorption layers.

The built-in venting plain warrants that moisture penetrating from the outside from weathering (driving rain) and that diffusing from inside a-rising due to differences in temperature between the interior of the buildings and the environment, is constantly being led to the outside again.

PEKATEX® keeps the building substance dry and lastingly intact – absolutely maintenance-free. Building substance kept dry and breathing is the undeniable prerequisite for a healthy, harmonic working and living atmosphere inside.

PEKATEX® substructures are normally fixed onto the building walls by mortar embedding. Should additional mechanical fixtures be required in special cases, such as for high rise buildings, PKT clamps ensure bridge-free application. PEKATEX® skeleton profiles are available for joining PEKATEX®substructures as well as directing the vented air continuously from the ground to the roof of buildings – also around windows and doors. For building applications, especially for
  facades, PEKATEX® as substructure together with PEKATEX® skeleton profiles, made of the same material and with PKT clamps represent a complete ready-to-apply system. PEKATEX® substructures are also suitable for manufacturing prefabricated building modules. For instance, prefabricated walls with PEKATEX® as the core and support for covering sheets or coatings on both sides, sometimes even differing in material and construction, convince through their excellent sound insulation qualities.

By its high stiffness and its low weight PEKATEX® is capable of bridging relatively large spans. Under ceilings PEKATEX® structures without covering sheets can provide attractive lighting effects and convincing sound absorption capabilities. Thus, reechoing problems in baths, halls, theatres, corridors, manufacturing facilities and so on can be resolved with PEKATEX® not only efficiently, but also in an attractive and skilful manner.

For the keen searching architect and building engineer PEKATEX® structures present solutions ranging over a variety of problems from: reinforcing, supporting, stiffening, thermal and sound insulation, sound absorption or for structural damping and screening, for reliable venting, from craftsmanship to industrial processes, from the facade to the wall, to the ceiling, but also for the utilization of the upper earth thermal potential to provide cost- and draughtfree natural air-conditioning of buildings. Tile facades onto PEKATEX® avoid the expensive and space demanding, problem-ridden brickwork facings, saving valuable space as well as building material, yet providing outstanding quality.

PEKATEX® stands for building quality and building economy.

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