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PEKATEX® Skeleton profilesmade from RFP 


For fastening, bonding, laminating.
For connecting, strengthening, stiffening.
For positioning, structuring, shaping, profiling.

To ease work and improve quality in the non-metallic joining of sheets, profiles and structures of various kinds. For forming and strengthening of edges, inner and outer corners, points of junction, shackles, structures that are stringer reinforced or for the incorporation of one or more channels to duct air or as cable conduits. To be readily used with surfacers and fillers, for laminating, for accepting additional laminates and also as stiffening and reinforcing inserts.

PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles are being manufactured as extruded profiles from special, high tensile strength E-glass fabric sealed into position by unsaturated polyester at high temperatures.

The strenghtening glass content in PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles amounts to around 60 percent of weight. PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles will form a locked bondage with suitable adhesives, fillers and epoxy-resins. When applied and in addition on to this bondage, laminating masses and fillers will penetrate the meshy structure of the PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles everywhere to form button like mechanical joints.

PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles are light and insensitive against wheather and moistures. They are sealed into position at 150 C° and are temperature resistant 


over a broad range in consequence. The cross-section of the PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles determines their bending and torsional stiffness, where their vertical sides provide for a high longitudinal bending stiffness. Profiles without vertical sides (flat profiles) are resilient to bending and torsion and shape well to curved structures.

For good adaptional characteristics PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles have sides with different glass shares. The glass reinforcement share of the lighter, single layer side (0,7 mm thick) weighs 250 g/m², and the glass content of the stronger, two layer sides (1,6 mm thick) weighs 500 g/m².

Dependant on the kind of profile PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles are available in heights up to 124 mm and in widths up to 312 mm. The standard length of the profiles is 2.350 mm but enquiries are invited for greater lengths. Usual tools such as saws, knives or scissors may be used for cutting PEKATEX® Skeleton profiles.

We are always happy to advise you upon your requirements.

link_kleinPEKATEX® Skeleton profiles
link_kleinPEKATEX® Skeleton profiles Examples of applikation 
L-profile and T-profile
Doublel-T-profile and Z-profile
link_kleinU-profile A und B
link_kleinFlat-profile E and D
LinkS-profile and Hat-profile 
link_kleinBox beam profile
Box beam profile joining profile

®  Skeleton profiles made from RFP
Sketlton profiles mad from RFP 1   Sketlton profiles mad from RFP 2   Sketlton profiles mad from RFP 3